Not Where You Want to be?

Kathryn and I have recently begun blogging. We are excited about sharing our stories, our dreams, our prayers, and our struggles. Lately we have been seriously checking ourselves. How do we want to live this life? Are we satisfied right now? What is missing? Where are we going wrong? 
Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like so many blogs that I read are about how people have "Made it".  They have conquered that thing, or accomplished that goal. I always feel like I'm trying to dig up their oldest blog posts to see if there was ever a time they posted like they were real humans who struggled like we do, or if they've always dominated at being a person. It sometimes feels like people get over that hump and then document it.
That just isn't who we are. We don't want to wait until we have the perfect rosy story, but rather we want to write throughout the tumultuous or mundane times. We feel like we've been promised things, and that eventually we are going to experience them, but for now we are on the same journey of existence as everyone else. It started last month when I introduced to the world my struggle of living in America. It was an honest blog post about what the struggle looked like. I'm not about staying in that place. I want to look forward to what is to come, and we are really excited about what has been on our mind! We want to share our progress from the mundane to the spectacular, in hopes that it will encourage others in their journey.
Not where you want to be?
Inside of us there is a constant drive to be satisfied. We yearn to feel there is purpose in our lives, and to feel we are making a difference. Clearly we desire to feel contentment at all times. As many of us have learned over time, contentment is often a choice. We have to choose to believe, to choose to press into the present in order to thrive. We shouldn't let our surroundings drag us down but instead should define them. Etc.
This is all very good advice. It is important to pursue the present tense. We can be used wherever we are, and there are always things to be learned where we are. Many of us who have grown up in faith believe "everything happens for a reason, and God has you here in this season for a reason". 
However, I feel that we need to be wary of hardening ourselves to the feelings that are inside of us for a reason. It is important to not allow ourselves to become so jaded to the point where we have to whistle a happy tune to ourselves that everything is going to be okay and that it must be our fault that we aren't okay with where we are.
I am referring to those of us who aren't feeling motivated, driven, or filled up by anything that we are currently doing in life. Maybe your job exists to pay the bills and to have money to spend on the weekend in order to give you enough juice to power through the ensuing depressing week. Perhaps you spent years studying in school and you find yourself in the "real" world struggling to find a passion for that very thing you studied for. Maybe you feel stuck because you spent all of that time and money, and now you are left feeling on an island. To try and swim off of it would feel daunting or suicidal, so you would rather build a shelter and hunker down with the few sources of joy you may have.
That may strike home to many of you, or for some it may be a little extreme for your situation. Depending on your current season, it could still become relevant to you in the future. Many of us will encounter the dance between satisfaction with the present and yearning for change in the future. 
In  the upcoming weeks we will talk about topics that we currently are trying to explore in our own lives, that I am sure you can relate with also!
Join us in a battle of soul searching, deep diving, and world exploring.
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