Dracula's Castle

Dracula's Castle
Dracula's Castle. Meh.
 If you have previously read at all about our time in Romania, you will know that the place we spent the majority of our time wasn't exactly compelling. When we were granted the opportunity to take a very short weekend trip to see Dracula's Castle in Transylvania, we obviously did it. 
I honestly knew very little about the character Dracula, but you know... most people who bring up Transylvania, also mention vampire soon after. It was one of those--- since we are here--- moments. 
After a night of romping around Brasov, There I was- face to face with this beast of a concrete slab on the side of a hill. 
To be honest, I was thrilled at first. My adventure was stoked. I was ready to see this thing. 
Excitement quickly dissipated as what I really ended up being face to face with was many, many people.
There was an exhausting line leading through this entire castle, like cattle led to their slaughter.
I couldn't wait to get out of that thing.
I recall ducking below the yellow rope only to find the quickest stairway that led out of there.
the end.
Okay i won't end there. What I will say is that if you are in Romania, going to Draculas (Bran) Castle is worth it simply for the drive. The scenery is absolutely majestic. The pure mountain air is absolutely worth it. The tourist trap of a place that the surrounding old town has become just happens to be a real downside.  I would go for the scenery more than anything.
Also understand... This castle was a long-shot of an inspiration for the castle used in any vampire movies. The author of Dracula had never even been to Romania, he had just heard stories from a distance of this place. Unfortunately, I didn't even know this until I was already on my way. But I'm thankful I went because I would have missed a night in Brasov! So if you go, just go purely for architectures sake, though I'm not sure how much restoring was done when they worked on it in 1920.
To end on a positive note though, I mean, It is cool to see how a place can inspire and create such a sensational legacy. I just didn't enjoy feeling like I was in Disney world.

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