Ep. 3- Journeys, Jungle Spiders, and Freedom


And just like that! Month 1 is in the books! We can't believe its already been over a month since we quit our 9-5 jobs back in Carolina and set out for a new digital nomad adventure/lifestyle.

We've already had plenty of unique situations and stories arise and can't wait to share them with you in this episode! 

Our trip so far has been in Colombia, including: A long weekend in Cartagena, a two-week stint in the Sierra Nevada jungle, a weekend in Minca, and now almost two weeks in Medellin.

Thank you all for the support and can't wait to share with you what has been up!

Ry and Kat




Good Times by Music for Makers


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  • So thankful you came out of that alive!! God is surely watching over you. Alot of Character building going on. You probably didn’t go to South America for that reason lol!

    Alison R Brown

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